The JH/Elem game with WGR scheduled for February 24 will be played Tuesday, February 21 in Winifred beginning at 4:00.  The game Centerville scheduled for February 25 will be played Tuesday, March 7 in Centerville beginning at 4:00. 

 CONGRATULATIONS to the Roy/Winifred Outlaws on their District Tournament games.
Way to go to the Lady Outlaws, who took 2nd place and will be playing in Divisionals in Great Falls, 12:30 on Wednesday, Feb. 22!

In the Judith Basin Spring Districts contests, Roy FFA placed...
4th in Junior Agronomy 
3rd in Junior Mechanics 
and Carter Pendergrass placed 3rd in Junior Mechanics, High Individual 
Congrats and way to go Roy FFA!!
Any students interested in attending Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp are urged to check out the web site  This camp is taught by applied management professionals, and is a great way to enlighten students to the opportunities that exist in natural resource careers. At the same time they can have an enjoyable summer vacation experience.  Students must be age 14-18 or will complete the eighth grade this year.  A flyer which summarizes the camp offerings can be found at  

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 21 - JH/Elem game in Winifred GB-4:00, BB-5:00, GA-6:00, BA-7:00

Wednesday, February 22-25 - Divisional Basketball Tournament in Great Falls
See brackets on Athletics page

Thursday, February 23 - NO SCHOOL

Friday, February 24 - NO SCHOOL

School Menu

Week of February 20-24

Monday - Breakfast: Bagel and Cream Cheese
                                  Smoothie - Berry Blast
                Lunch: Enchilada Casserole/Vegetable
                            Mixed Fruit/Brownie

Tuesday - Breakfast: Sausage/Egg/Cheese Muffin
                 Lunch: Chicken Patty/Bun
                             Rice/Gravy/Broccoli/Apple Sauce

Wednesday - Breakfast: Breakfast on a Stick
                      Lunch:  Turkey Roast/Potato/Gravy/Bun
                                   Peas/Mandarin Oranges/Apple Sauce Cake

Thursday - Breakfast:  NO SCHOOL
                  Lunch:  NO SCHOOL

Friday - Breakfast: NO SCHOOL
                               Smoothie - 
             Lunch:  NO SCHOOL